Fuso 5 Year Standard Warranty

When it comes to a warranty, Fuso leads the way. We’re the first Japanese truck to offer a full 5 year warranty as standard on every new Fuso truck and Rosa bus in Australia. That’s five years peace of mind knowing your vehicle is fully protected.If something does go wrong, we’ll have you back up and out on the road in no time because this is a genuine manufacturer’s warranty, not some ‘lite’ version offered by a third party. A genuine manufacturer’s warranty means you’re guaranteed to receive genuine Fuso parts and service from an authorised Fuso dealer.

Our 5 year warranty is also what we like to call ‘bumper to bumper’. That means just about everything on your vehicle is included, all except tyres, custom made rear body or non-approved aftermarket modifications.

Why do we offer 5 years? Because it shows just how strongly we believe in the build and quality of our vehicles. So you can be confident your business will stay on the move, all day.

MODEL Warranty
(whichever comes first)
Canter – Light Duty Truck 5 years/200,000 kilometres
or 4000 operating hours
Fighter FK – Medium Duty Truck 5 years/300,000 kilometres
or 6000 operating hours
Fighter FM / FN – Medium Duty Truck 5 years/350,000 kilometres
or 7000 operating hours
eavy FP / FV / FS – Heavy Duty Truck 5 years/500,000 kilometres
or 10000 operating hours
Rosa – Light Bus 5 years/200,000 kilometres
or 4000 operating hours


Choosing genuine is choosing the best for your vehicle. Because Fuso Genuine Parts are guaranteed for fit, tolerance and performance. Equally, when it comes to service, only an authorised dealer has access to Fuso specific technical information, diagnostic equipment, special tools, factory training and support. So together, Genuine Parts and Service represent the best way to keep your
vehicle in top condition.


Staying genuine provides you with the highest level of protection. Here’s why. All Fuso Genuine Parts are covered by a 12 month warranty. But here’s the really important part, in the unlikely event a Genuine Part fails, Fuso will not only cover the replacement costs of the faulty part, but also the cost of all other parts directly affected by the failure and any labour costs incurred when the work is performed by an authorised Fuso dealer. That’s something most after-market parts suppliers won’t provide. And the clincher. We’ll double the Genuine Parts warranty from
12 months to 24 months for any Fuso Genuine Part when it’s fitted by an authorised Fuso dealer.


If something does go wrong, help is not far away with the Fuso Roadside Assistance Hotline. Call us on 1300 426 708

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