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Soosan Heavy Industries is the largest hammer manufacturer in Korea for good reason. Over 30 years of manufacturing experience, many original units still in operation today, and availability of old model parts, all go to show Soosan’s commitment to the Australian construction industry.

A fully enclosed frame with noise dampening materials, improves operator comfort, reduces external noise on sensitive sites, and minimises recoil to the excavator.
The simple structure of the SB Plus Series reduces maintenance costs and the patented unique valve system makes the breaker more efficient than many other hammers on the market.

Soosan’s in-house heat treatment, and pre-testing of every unit from the factory, ensures that your hammer will be right from day 1.

SQ Mini Series

SOOSAN is recognised as one of the leading global attachment brands, leader in design, power and reliability. SOOSAN continues to look ahead and supply’s customers with superior solutions with the SQ small range. The innovative stroke selector (Standard/Medium/Short piston stroke) allows constant high productivity and reliability.

Product Features


Carrier weight range : 0.8~2.5ton


Carrier weight range : 1.2~3ton


Carrier weight range : 2~4.5ton


Carrier weight range : 3~6ton


Carrier weight range : 4~9ton


Carrier weight range : 5~12ton


Carrier weight range : 7~15ton


Carrier weight range : 9~16ton

SQ Series

The latest product to come out of the Soosan factory is the revolutionary new SQ Series breaker. This modern breaker is a culmination of more than 2 decades of planning and experience.
Its innovative design includes a superior oil and gas percussion mechanism combined with less working components, making it incredibly efficient and easy to maintain. The auto shut off function (anti-blank hammering) also gives the user total control and allows you to select between high frequency/normal power and low frequency/extra power, making it as effective as it is adaptable.

Product Features


Carrier weight range : 15~18ton


Carrier weight range : 16~21ton


Carrier weight range : 18~26ton


Carrier weight range : 25~30ton


Carrier weight range : 28~35ton


Carrier weight range : 30~45ton


Carrier weight range : 30~45ton


Carrier weight range : 40~55ton


Carrier weight range : 50~90ton

SR Series

Lightweight and slim design for optimum performance on zero swing excavators. Ideal for renovation works, demolition, plumbing, general construction and landscaping operations.

Product Features

Available Models

Operating weightkG7296155208265294
Oil flow reqd1/mm15 -3020 - 4025 -5030 -6040 -7050 -90
Operating pressurekg/cm290 - 12090 - 12090 - 120100 - 130110 - 140120 - 150
Impact rateBPM800 - 1400700 - 1200600 - 1100500 - 1000500 - 900400 - 800
Tool Diametermm404553606875
Hose Diameterinches1/21/21/21/21/21/2
Carrier sizeTon0.8 - 2.51.2 - 32.5 - 4.53.0 - 5.54 - 76 - 9
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